Friday, July 09, 2004

COUNTALONGAKYLIE: Kylie Minogue has got herself muddled up with an NSPCC initiative to get schools to do some sponsored maths on Numbers Day, which apparently happens again (yes, again) this November. Apparently, Kylie is an NSPCC ambassador, which may or may not mean she can get her bags through customs unopened, and its in this role that she's backing the big sponsored maths day. Apparently, it's all being supported by Capita, which is an interesting choice of company to support a maths initiative, after all the trouble they had with adding up the Lambeth housing benefit. And the Individual learning Account business. And that million quid fine for their dogs breakfast of handling the London Congestion Charge. And... but you get the picture. Let's just hope that Capita don't get asked to count the funds raised for the NSPCC...

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