Sunday, July 25, 2004

MCCARTNEY 'NOWHERE NEAR RICH ENOUGH', SAYS WRIT: Next time you hear the RIAA bleating about how it's only interested in ensuring the rights of the artists are upheld, you might want to cough politely and ask them how an organisation so dedicated to making sure copyrights are respected can find its members up in court for copyright evasion so frequently. Latest legal tussle is between EMI and Paul McCartney, McCartney owns the rights to the musical Annie - oddly, the cash he made from writing Yesterday helped him buy up Tomorrow - and he reckons EMI never paid or asked to sample Tomorrow for What Da Hook Gon Be by Murphy Lee. Now, while we find it a bit sickening to see someone as rich as macca sweating over a few bob he's missed out on, it's even more sickening to see EMI, one of those enthusiastically dragging old ladies into court if they won't open their pocket books fast enough, playing hard and fast with the rights they pretend are their touchstones.

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