Sunday, July 25, 2004

WHAT ABOUT THE POOR CHILDREN IN CHINA?: We know the Chinese government is a nasty, censorious, protester slaughtering type of organisation, but even with their piles of human rights abuses they've stacked up over the years, is it entirely fair to inflict Whitney Houston on them?. We're sure, though, that since Ms Houston believes that the children are our future, and that we should teach them right, she won't be turning up to sing for the Chinese merely for the enormous paycheque; we'll just bet she's going to be raising her host's treatment of, say, Wang Guofeng, detained in Shangqui for daring to protest at the pisspoor healthcare the state was offering to the HIV+ of the city. Or to suggest they may consider freeing Rebiya Kadeer, arrested and detained while trying to meet US Congressional staff on a visit to China five years ago, and still being held? We bet she will. Or, since Whitney has something of an interest in illicit drugs herself, she might want to ask after the fate of two Nepalese nationals who have been sentenced to death in China over drug-related offences. (Note to Whitney: you might want to try and get through your visit to Peking without any of your usual pick-me-ups).

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