Friday, July 30, 2004

ROSA PARKS IMITATES COURTNEY LOVE: A judge in Detroit wants Rosa Park's doctor in court to explain why he reckons she's too ill to appear for herself in the case against Outkast over the song which shares her name. Give you a clue, judge, she's ninety-freaking-one. There's been a twist in the case, too: if you felt a bit uncomfortable watching Outkast squirming in a legal battel against one of the touchstones of the American Civil Right movement, they're actually no longer involved in the case: the band members hadn't been named in the legal action, and OutKast had been spelled wrong, so they've got no case to answer. Which means, instead, it's just BMG. That's right, one of the big record labels is trying to drag a frail, 91 year old hero to the courtroom and won't believe her doctor that she's to ill to go. What absolute charmers they are.

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