Wednesday, July 28, 2004

WHAT THE POP PAPERS SAY: Fuck Charlotte, Fuck Her Over edition
We were a bit disappointed to discover that Joan Armtrading's first article for the Radio Times was about music rather than newsreaders. That's another urban myth biting the dust, then.

In a slightly unpleasant cover shot, Pelle from The Hives is given a glorious close-up. His face actually looks like it's made from something plasticky when you look at him that near, and we can't really see this issue leaping off the shelves. It's probably lucky this wasn't the one that Courtney took into court; waving that face at a judge would probably count as a form of terrorism.

Pete Doherty's fuck-up of the week was helping create chaos out of an NME photoshoot - although, to be fair, it was Selfish Cunt's Martin Tomlinson who started the trouble, throwing shit around. And you know how Pete really wants to give up the shit. There's a bunch of posters of the Libertines this week, too, promoting the exhibition of shots somewhere in London at the moment.

Justin Hawkins seems to be hinting that the Darkness are having trouble writing new material, saying that he's sure everything will be fine when the band get a chance to relax. Sure, Justin. It's that you're a bit stressed at the moment. That's fine. It happens to everyone. Look, we don't have to have a whole new album right now. It's just as much fun to have a little ep. Or even a small download on iTunes. Seriously, it doesn't matter.

NME is predicting a Mercury win for Amy Winehouse, based on the shitness of recent winners, more or less.

Brandon Flowers meets Peter Robinson. Rather than having to spring a surprise on him, PR reduces Brandon to directionless burbling with a straight question about the band's new video. Brandon says it's got a message; asked what it is, he says "Er... it's a positive message, that's all I really know. It's positive. A positive thing going on..."

Can punk rock bring down George Bush? is the question that Radar sets itself, by way on introduction to a piece about Me! Erm... illegally invading Iraq, allowing a budget deficit to spiral out of control, managing to piss away the goodwill and support of the planet after September 11th, lying about WMD... none of these things have brought down George Bush, so it's not looking good for a bunch of sweaty blokes from Florida, to be frank.

The Hives report that they see each other naked every day, which is just an image you don't want to be conjuring with when you're thinking about your tea. They're also asked who they think the worst-dressed band is, and they damn the entire grunge scene, which is a little unfair - for all her other faults, Courtney was also well turned out.

Charlotte Hatherley relates a tale about having a one-night stand with someone who turned out to be "a tourist" who stole her guitars and stuff, which seems a little bit unfair: like those heroes in myths who get given an audience with the gods and then pinch the treasures of the heavens. We're not sure, and we're not asking, but we'd put Pete Doherty in the frame here.

the futureheads - newcastle labour club - "the's fucking brilliant"
madonna - toronto - "the good outweighing the garish"
belle & sebastian - somerset house - "a cover of Madness' embarrassment"
polysics - ICA - "only one recognisable tune, My Sharona"

red hot chili peppers - live in hyde park - "absolutely self-serving", 7
pearl jam - live at benaroya hall - "absolutely altruistic", 5
ella guru - the first album - "a shimmering cloud of a record", 7
ffa coffi pawb - am byth - "the thrill of listening to someone deliver regulation 80s welsh indie soon palls", 4
skinnyman - council estate of mind - "bound together by a fucking scary narrative", 8

sotw - annie - chewing gum - "so chirpy it makes britney sound like Patti Smith"
charlotte hatherley - summer - "instant nostalgia tinged with melancholia"

and finally, Ross Millard of the Futureheads loves Kate Bush. Although marks off for saying she was a fox back in the day. Still is, son. Still is.

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