Friday, August 13, 2004

BEAUTIFUL SOUTH COVER LUSH: No, really. Really, really, really. On the new Beautiful South album, they do a version of Lush's Ciao. Which, actually, we can picture them doing, and picture them doing quite well, to be honest. It's the S Club cover we're worried about, to be frank. The album is called Goldiggas.


Anonymous said...

Hi if anyone is interested in hearing a 30 second clip of the beautiful south singing Ciao (as well as the 'eagerly' awaited s club 7 song) visit

i think they both sound pretty great..

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys. The Beautiful South version of Ciao is better than the orignal ;-)

This new version of the SClub7 track is sh*te. If only they had recorded the live version that they did on the last tour


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