Wednesday, August 11, 2004

GARBAGE NEARLY CANNED: We won't hear a word against Shirley Manson round here, you know. There's still no release date for Hands On A Hard Body, and it turns out it's nearly shattered the band making it, according to Shirley:

"Christ, did things take a weird turn back in October? I seriously thought we were through.
Oh how I wish I could spill all the beans here but certain members of the band would never forgive me if I washed my dirty laundry in public so I will just have to save it for my memoirs... ha ha ha haaa.
But, suffice to say, it got pretty rowdy in garbageland for a while. I must confess, I loved the drama of it all. I get bored when things stagnate."

We would like to make a public and open invitation to Shirley that she can call round and wash her dirty laundry in our house at any time.

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