Thursday, September 09, 2004

BE NICE TO THE SMALL PEOPLE: So, there were angry scenes when Christina Aguilera gave a Foggy Dewhurst sized tip in a Miami restaurant. Her bill was GBP220, her tip? A staggering seven quid. (In the US, of course, waiting on staff don't get minimum wage and are reliant on tips; good form is at least fifteen percent. When staff pointed out the slight discrepancy between 'multi-millionaire' and '3.5 per cent tip' Aggy stormed out.

We suspect the problem is that - if we believe urban myth type tales - maybe this was the first meal Aggy has had in years that hasn't had a mix of spit and cum added to it by kitchen staff, and so she thought it tasted funny?

Wonder if she's as mean with the tips to the lap dancers she's so fond of pretending she might be slightly lesbiod with?

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