Sunday, September 19, 2004

BLIMEY... SOMEONE ACTUALLY HAS SAID NO TO FRANZ FERDINAND: Another one of those poor decisions - artist Lucy McKenzie has known Alex Kapranos for 13 years, and so she was his first choice to design the sleeve for the Franz Ferdiand album. She declined, because she didn't feel up to doing something that would "get that much attention."

Having decided not to be part of the album hasn't stopped her issuing demands that the Franzies use their newly earned money in the way she sees fit:

"Why don’t they buy the Chateau [the run-down Gorbals warehouse where they staged many early gigs]? They’re being a bit hypocritical otherwise," she said.

Well, yes, it would be a nice gesture, although it suggests that McKenzie has absolutely no idea about how much money new bands earn - we don't know, but we're guessing Kapranos would probably still struggle to put a downpayment on a static caravan right now.

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