Sunday, September 19, 2004

IT'S ALMOST AS IF THEY WROTE DOWN ALL THE FEMALE SINGERS THEY COULD THINK OF: We're indebted to the electronic edition of the London News Review for bringing the 200 greatest female rock vocalists list to our attention, if only because it's allowed us a happy hour or so of trying to work out exactly how they decided the order - what makes Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls the 143rd best female rock vocalist, and therefore just a little bit better than Emily Saliers, the 144th best, and therefore second best singer in the Indigo Girls? We suspect the answer is that they thought "oh, the Indigo Girls should be on there somewhere" (for whatever reasons of their own) just as they got to the 143 slot. But maybe we're being unfair, perhaps they have a scientific reason for deciding that Joan Osbourne (116) is a little bit better than Avril Lavigne (117), and that Jennifer Warnes (134) outranks Pink (172) by quite a distance, but yields to Kim Wilde (128). Tomorrow, doubtless, they'll be compiling a list of everything they've eaten.

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