Saturday, September 18, 2004

CORRECTIONS AND CLARIFICATIONS: As you'll have probably spotted, we got the Ferry boys muddled - it wasn't Issac, the one who got kicked out of Eton for sending abusive emails to a person who runs an animal rescue centre, who danced about parliament in a rubbish 'fcuk your hunting ban' tshirt, but older brother Otis. Nice work you've done there, Brian.

And this is a clarification: in his piece suggesting that OutRage are behaving like a bunch of racists in trying to stop dancehall acts with a history of recording songs calling for the execution of gay people from being allowed to play in the UK (If you've missed this, you can read his defence here), Eric Arnold claims that "Beenie Man had four UK Top 20 hits at the time of the ban." This puzzled us, and since we didn't think that Eric could possibly mean that Beenie Man had four singles in the chart the same week as "the ban" (not that he's actually been banned from anywhere), we decided to investigate this in the Guiness Book of British Hit Singles. Bearing in mind that it's this chart record which Eric is using to build his claim that "reggae is taking over the UK", it probably needs to be pointed out that these top twenty hits have been scraped together since 1998, and at least one of them was selling on the presence of Janet Jackson on the record. Hardly a seige situation, then.

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