Tuesday, September 07, 2004

CONGRATULATIONS, THE FRANNIES: The Mercury judges have done the right thing and given this year's prize to Franz Ferdinand, and the skinny ones picked up their award from Dizee Rascal not an hour ago, live on BBC Four.

The coverage was slightly odd - Jo Whiley was wearing some sort of cap that matched her spangly top and Stuart Maconie appeared to be intoxicated by the presence of co-pundit Minnie Driver. Minnie, actually, was quite good value, chatty and funny and wearing some odd eye-shadow. And we're not sure if it was by accident or design, but every time they cut to Robert Wyatt, he was eating like a man who'd not had food since Suede won the Mercury.

[TECHNICAL DETAIL: For some reason, nothing we've posted since Midnight seems to have shown up... we're trying a fix to see if we can work round the problem...]

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Anonymous said...

I really thought that you would have slated Minnie for the dull drivel dribbling from her mouth.

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