Wednesday, September 08, 2004

IT'S SO EASY TO HATE, IT TAKES GUTS TO BE GENTLE AND KIND: But then again, hating is so much more fun. So we take our hats off to Mike Seely, who has produced a list of the twenty most hated men in rock (betting, of course, without Sting). His chart:

1. Paul McCartney - "Michael Jackson... poor taste and idiocy..."some guy named Lawrence Hill"..."
2. Carlos Santana - "low rent pop-culture train... Black Eyed Peas..."
3. Jimmy Buffett - "petrified ape dung"
4. The Adams Family - (Ryan and Bryan) - "mounting Winona Ryder... paving the way for Phil Collins"
5. Elton John - "It-dead Princess of the moment"
6. Johnny Rzeznik - "Quick, name one Goo Goo Dolls song"
7. G. E. Smith - "every imaginable televised tribute concert"
8. Conor Oberst and Chris Carrabba - "critical fellatio"
9. Fred Durst - "Fortunately, it looks like Durst's career is over"
10. Bob Weir - "A frontman who needs a teleprompter to remember his own lyrics"

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