Wednesday, September 08, 2004

IT'S LIKE HE'S, I DUNNO, INSANIA OR SOMETHING: We're putting it down to raging against the dying of the limelight, for how else can you explain Peter Andre's extraordinary display at Brighton Magistrates Court?:

Then Andre, 31, spotted snapper Steve Lawrence - who helped bring the criminal charges - and reporter Gary Lucken.
The Aussie star branded the pair 'dogs' and warned: 'You'll pay - people know who you are and where you live.'
Gary, 33, from Sussex, said: 'He just went potty, got right in my face and challenged us to take him on two to one and prove we were manly.
'I told him he was being silly and that seemed to infuriate him even more. He said he knew who we were and that we'd pay. There was a lot of finger-pointing. We declined the offer of a punch-up.'

This really won't help with Andre's "girlfriend" Jordan's case, where she's denying criminal damage to Lawrence's camera. And let's hope that Andre's outburst wasn't actually on the court precincts, because, well, that could be trouble all by itself.

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