Monday, September 13, 2004

EXTRAS, EXTRAS: We've just received this list of the extras which will be included on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs DVD:

A 16 song live concert recorded earlier this year at the Fillmore in San Francisco.
6 bonus live songs
A Japanese tour documentary directed by PATRICK DAUGHTERS (director of the ‘Maps’ and ‘Date With The Night’ videos)
An audience documentary directed by SPIKE JONZE (director of the ‘Y Control’ video) and LANCE BANGS
Promo videos for ‘Maps’, ‘Date With The Night’, ‘Pin’ and the controversial ‘Y Control’and
The band’s performance at the US MTV Music Awards this year

Some of these things are worth having, although the Y Control video gives us the willies - if you've not had the pleasure yet, you can see it here (low) or here (broadband) [Real]; all from a page with a lot of YYY stuff on it.

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