Monday, September 13, 2004

OOH, SIRE, GET HIM: The relaunch of Sire is being hung on a new deal between the once-successful label and Scando-dandy-gothers Him. Everyone at Sire is very excited:

Sire founder Seymour Stein says, "Bringing H.I.M. to Sire Records is one of the most exciting events since the re-launch of the label. The fact that they picked Sire for international distribution is a tremendous coup for us and one that underscores the label's reputation as a magnet for great music."

Except, of course, the label has been more-or-less defunct for the past few years - indeed, the mere fact that it's treating signing the cosmically over-rated Him as a big deal suggests just how far the label has fallen from its period of importance. If you visit Sire's website, you're greeted with a picture of the Ramones. Relaunching Sire might work, but if all they intend to do is sign some ropey goth acts and trade of their history, they might as well not bother.

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