Thursday, September 16, 2004

GENTLEMEN, READY YOUR AUDIO GRABBERS: As the only people left not offering an online music store are Lidl and Robin Carmody, it's no surprise that XM are getting in on the act, copying across their US-only satelitte networks to the web for anyone willing to pay eight dollars a month for the pleasure.

This might also be of use:

Reciva will, if put close to a wi-fi network, contact the interweb and allow you to listen to internet radio through a proper, wireless type device.


Anonymous said...

Who on earth is Robin Carmody and why does he get mentioned everywhere?

Robin Carmody said...

Erm, I'm Robin Carmody. Do I really get mentioned everywhere? I wouldn't have thought I'd made it that far yet, but I suppose it might be the curse of not being a bounded-mind cultural compartmentalist.

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