Saturday, September 11, 2004

GEORGE MICHAEL SWINGS ROUND: It happens a lot - people rush to come out, and then suddenly realise they actually like the opposite sex just as much as the same sex. George Michael has taken a GQ interview as a chance to clarify his position. He says he'd have sex with a "woman, no question", but offers Madonna as an example:

"I had a feeling [sex with madonna] would be sex of the same intensity as if I was with a man."

Of course, George is known for having sex with men in toilets, so he's really saying that shagging Madonna would be uncomfortable, a little draughty, and there'd be a faint smell of piss throughout the proceedings.

What we don't quite understand, though, is this bit:

George Michael says he fancies women and would sleep with one if he wasn't in a relationship.

But wasn't he doing a big press push a while back where he was telling us at great length about how he and Kenny Goss enjoy an open relationship? So why is it okay for him to stray to one side, but not the other of the fence?

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