Saturday, September 11, 2004

ERM... OKAY: Charlotte Church is apparently fed up being called Voice of an Angel, because she's not thirteen any more. It's odd, actually, but let's hear Church out:

"I think it's pathetic after all this time. I just wish people would come up with something a bit more original. I saw a headline the other day saying, 'Choice of an Angel' and I just thought: "Can't people do any better? I mean, come on! It has been nearly six years since I was first called Voice of an Angel and I really think it would have been dropped by now. I suppose people are still interested in me because I was a child star and I'm at that age where former child stars go off the rails. They either go on drugs or become anorexic, well I'm not on drugs and anyone can see I haven't got an eating disorder."

What about the way some child stars sack their parents as managers, go on endless benders, try and re-invent themselves in a more populist image, turn up drunk all over the place, have relationships with inappropriate types, break their parent's hearts and so on? But, yes, you're almost certainly not on drugs. Well done. And just for the record, Charlotte, although the tabs do invoke "voice of an angel" in pieces about you, it almost always follows something along the line of "the teen tearaway, once known as the".

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