Tuesday, September 21, 2004

GOING FOR A SLASH: So, the fact she's talking about it must mean that Minnie Driver thinks saying "I looked like Slash" is going to surprise us.

In a way it does:

... but only because you don't think you do now.

This is all part of the puffery for the pointless Orange Playlist, ITV's new post-midnight programme that wouldn't exist were it not for the large cheque paid into ITV's bank account by the mobile phone company. Trying to distract our attention from how wafer slim an idea lies at its heart (erm, a rundown of the most downloaded ringtones), they've tried to add a piece of celeb glamour, and drafted Lauren Laverne in... but even so, the whole thing just reeks of a programme that only exists to stop the two sponsors credits meeting in the middle. Even the promo picture has an air of embarrassed shame about it:

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