Tuesday, September 21, 2004

THE MATHS OF THE WAR ON PIRACY: Take a look at the report on the "swoop" on an anti-counterfeit operation in Salford. The investigation turned up "more than 100,000 discs of pirated DVDs, CDs and computer games" - so, less than 200,000, then, otherwise we'd have been quoted the higher figure. And yet we're also told this was a "GBP3million swoop." So, if we plump for the figure of 150,000 items seizeds, that's meant to be an average of twenty quid for each fake.

Where on earth are these people finding customers if they're charging twenty quid for a knock-off Britney Spears album? Surely the only attraction of buying at boot sales is the prices are lower, not higher, than in the shops?

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