Thursday, September 23, 2004

HEADLINE OF THE DAY: There's obviously someone with a sense of humour at ABC News, which is running the headline U.S. Says Cat Stevens May Have Terror Ties right next to this photo:

The actual details of what Islam may or may not have done are getting murkier by the second - shady "government officials" are muttering that Stevens might have been giving cash to support the terrorists who blew up the World Trade Center in 1993. But, surely, if the Americans had any evidence to support that claim they'd not say "Go away, Cat" - wouldn't you be more likely to hold him and charge him?

What's even more puzzling is why Islam was able to visit the US without any trouble at all back in May. Has some "new evidence" really come to light during the last three months? It hardly seems credible. Of course, in an age where Ted Kennedy is only able to get on planes by calling Tom Ridge up to vouch for him, we shouldn't be surprised that someone called Islam is finding the welcome chillier and chillier in the US. The Bush campaign is expected to announce plans to add a rider to that thing about "poor, huddled masses" specifically excluding men with beards.

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