Tuesday, September 28, 2004

NOT ON THE BANDWAGON: Hang about, we think we might have found someone who's at least spotted the marriage bandwagon Christina was talking about... Gene Simmons out of Kiss has seen that bus, and he's staying off it. Women - well, they're not like men:

Women are a different species. They have a biological clock, they want to nest. A man produces thousands of sperm every day and a woman thinks it's all for her, but it's not.

"Always be honest with a woman. It's not beneficial for a man to marry. The worst thing a man can do is get married because he has to give 50 per cent of his gross pre-tax dollars to a woman who has given him nothing, apart from companionship.

"That's more than the taxes you pay to the government which gives you nuclear armed forces, military, police and infrastructure."

Gene Simmons is from 1872. He's currently playing a tour of Musical Halls and is throwing his support behind Ulysses S. Grant in his bid for re-election

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