Tuesday, September 28, 2004

... MAYBE VANILLA ICE OUGHT TO CONSIDER THIS GIG: Presumably having to sit through a Puddle of Mudd concert would make being used for target-practice by less-than-thankfull Iraqis seem less unpleasant, one way or another, although we're a little surprised that troops in Tikrit, when asked 'what band would you most like to see play Iraq?' chose Puddle of Mudd. The Mudd were flattered enough to actually go out there and play a gig, which - regardless of the rights and wrongs of the war itself - does show a certain degree of comitment to playing a date.

Of course, we can't help but have a sneaking feeling that the troops actually chose Christina, followed by Britney, and... so on, down until they came to Puddle of Mudd. The top of the wishlist who didn't actually snort and say 'yeah, right' when offered the gig.

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