Monday, September 13, 2004

SURELY ASDA MORE ABOUT THEIR MARK?: Proving the value of a quick intervention, Tesco have decided to stock Goldie Lookin' Chain's new album. They had decided not to bother, on the grounds that it was full of words like "penis" and, frankly, so shoddy it makes Tesco Value Lager look like some sort of ambrosia, but the Chain had been threatening to "picket" the Tescos in Harlech Retail Park and so the chain has elected to take the line of least resistance and are going to order a couple of copies to lay, unloved, on the shelves.

We're not actually sure why they bothered, though: most branches of Tescos have their doorways cluttered by hordes of incoherent young people in ugly clothes getting in people's way. If only it was so simple to persuade them all to leave.

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