Tuesday, September 07, 2004

WE REALLY DO THINK WE'RE LENNON, DON'T WE?: So Robbie William's latest excuse for moving to LA is that he was afraid he was going to be kidnapped. Why, he had no idea there were any tax breaks at all, we're sure. Williams found two bullet holes - supposedly - in the side of his house (someone thinking sooner or later he'd be knobbing Jennifer Ellison, presumably, and getting in target practice?) and so - afraid of kidnap - he went to live in LA. Because there's no chance of a gun-toting crazy getting anywhere near a rock star in America, is there? That would be unheard of.

It's interesting Williams thinks the "bullet holes" are a sign that someone wanted to kidnap him - because firing randomly into a side of a building really is the way that kidnappers would creep up on a potential victim, isn't it? Perhaps shouting "yee-hah" as well?

We're wondering what a kidnapper would have got for Robbie - presumably only EMI would be bothered about ransoming, since he keeps telling us he's all lonely and alone and has nobody. And EMI might reckon that the sales of back catalogue for a star found in three different parts of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal might be better than the likely shifting of new, expensive to produce material...

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