Friday, October 22, 2004

I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER: A little while back, we mentioned the James Diamond who was bringing legal action against Jack White claiming he'd been cut out of the White Stripes pie.

Paul Duane got in touch:

Tried to 'add comment' but it obviously doesn’t work with my web browser (Safari 1.0.2 if its of interest) so here goes instead: the 'chap called James Diamond' is Detroit rock'n'roll legend Jim Diamond (no, not the skinny-arsed eighties one-hit wonder Jim Diamond) whose work alongside Mick Collins in the Gories and the Dirtbombs created the arena in which the White Stripes found their sound. Whether or not this court case is wise is another issue, its the first I've heard of it, but anyway the man deserves some credit for his long service...

... which we just love because it mentions Jim Diamond, who was, of course, one half of PhD, a band who attempted to out Yazoo Yazoo.

This might also be an excellent point to mention Paul's blog, It Came From Memphis, a record of an attempt to film Robert Gordon's book of the same name. There's going to be a series of gigs based around the project at the Barbican around Easter time, so it's well worth keeping an eye on.

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