Friday, October 22, 2004

OH GOOD. AS IF FEBRUARY WASN'T SHIT ENOUGH ALREADY: The arse-end of winter is now going to have to contend with the release of a new Ocean Colour Scene album. The working title is Hyperactive Workout For The Flying Squad and, since it's ocean colour scene, that's probably what they're going to wind up calling it as well. Simon Fowler says the new album is "all about change and progression" - we suspect in the sense of change which Paul Weller meant in The Changing Man (extra hole in the belt, a few minutes longer picking hair out of the brush in the morning, strange twinge in the thighs when you run for the bus) rather than change as in trying something new and exciting.

However, we might be being unfair - Folwer reckons it'll be great:

"Not only do we have two new members in our band, we've also collaborated with some of the music world's finest rock and pop artists who have all added a new dimension to the Ocean Colour Scene sound."

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