Monday, November 29, 2004

GETTING IN TOUCH WITH HER SPIRITUAL SIDE: Planning a big holiday trip: Christina Aguilera. And she's decided to take a trip to India, because she feels the need to douse herself in spiritualism and culture:

"India has always captured my imagination with its myriad cultures and spiritualism. I am looking forward to my visit with great enthusiasm to feel the colour and vibrancy of this great country."

So, where is Christina going to go to experience this culture and vibrancy? Calcutta? Delhi? Maybe in the shadow of the Taj Mahal? Erm... no, she'll be enjoying the Real India, Sahara Amby Valley Lake City, a place where the apartments are sited in partnership with the PGA to ensure they overlook the golf course, without interfering with the golf course - spiritual balance, you see? Happily, there's also a committee who have to approve any applications to live in the "city", thereby ensuring that the wrong sort of colour, vibrancy and culture is kept outside.

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