Monday, November 29, 2004

THEY'RE HAVING A MEETING? OKAY, PASS THAT SUET PUDDING: Ruslana's brave decision to go on hunger strike in support of the thousands sleeping in sub-zero conditions in central Kiev as a protest against the fiddling of the Ukranian election looks a bit less brave now she's called it off. "There are positive developments" said Ruslana, ordering a large sandwich, some fries and a big salad. Now, while we're not having a go, the "significant development" that lead her to the drive-thru window was merely the Ukranian government saying "Yes, there does seem to be something fishy here" - which was merely symbollic and not actually any sign that the result itself was going to be set aside.

Ruslana has promised that if need be, she'll swing back into action:

As soon as the situation comes to a head again, I will immediately resume the hunger strike and only drink tea and water."

Providing, of course, it's not at a meal time.

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