Tuesday, November 23, 2004

YES, WE'RE SURE IT HELPS: It's nice to see stars reaching out to all parts of society - Jennifer Lopez, for example, who says she really hopes her image helps "larger women" feel good about themselves.

Yes, it must be very reassuring for women with dress sizes over six to have a celebrity they can identify with, Jen. It's a wonder Evans haven't snapped you up already.

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Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, there I was, somewhat fed up with being a size 16, but now I feel lots better, knowing that J-Lo's there to prove that larger women can be sexy and have a successful acting-and-singing career too. You go, sistah!

Dear god! What planet do these people live on? Can we send them on the next mission to Mars? Beagle III should just about do it...

Eleanor G

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