Wednesday, December 01, 2004

AND THEY MIGHT HAVE SOME GAY FRIENDS I CAN MEET: It must really suck being the Scissor Sisters, as every act (with the possible exception of Buju Banton) cosies up to you in a bid to get some reflected glory ("some opportunity to create artistic cross-fertilization"). No sooner had they made some excuse about having to go to bed early because of the window cleaner coming in the morning to get rid of Elton John than Will Young pops up:

'Pop Idol' champ Will Young hopes to work with the Scissor Sisters on his next album, a source tells Ann Montini of Sky News. "I just love their style and craftsmanship - it’s really very now."

Yes, although if they keep hitching their cart to anyone passing with a record company chequebook in their pocket, they'll become 'somewhat yesterday' and then 'extraordinarily then' quite quickly.

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