Wednesday, December 01, 2004

MORE BITTER THAN THAT STUFF THAT MAKES TODDLERS SPIT OUT BLEACH: Astonishingly, Robbie Williams and his team have already started moaning about 'Brits snubs' before the shortlists are even out:

A friend of Williams confides, "The Brits bosses make the rules up as they go along. Last year (03) we were told the Knebworth live album was not eligible.

"This year (04) there's probably some other technical rule which allows them to keep Robbie away. But he's the UK's biggest male star and should get the recognition he deserves."

... leaving aside that the Brits are supposedly about creativity rather than sales (that's what the Charts are there to measure), why does Robbie think the rules should be different for him? And having released pretty much the same best of album twice - once live, once studioed - does he really think he's due a prize for being creatively at his peak?

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