Sunday, December 12, 2004

BAD WEEK FOR LIVE MUSIC AUDIENCES CONTINUES: After the pot-shots in Ohio comes a hand-grenade into a Sri Lanka concert crowd. And - just as how the crowd at the Damageplan gig weren't entirely sure if what they were seeing was part of the show - it took people with blood pouring from them before the audience twigged they weren't listening to fireworks to mark the end of the event. The concert had been controversial because it was scheduled for the day before the anniversary of the death of Gangodawlia Soma. Soma had been a leading campaigner against the conversion of Buddhists to Christianity, and it was felt that to hold a singalong musical entertainment during the mourning period was a little insensitive. 200 Buddhist monks had to be moved on by police before the concert could start; it's not known if a Buddhist sympathiser was involved in the violent end to the gig.

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