Sunday, December 12, 2004

'04 TO THE FLOOR: It struck us this week, looking at a frightening long 'to do' list, that the main problem with the world is having New Year and Christmas at the same time. How the hell can a chap be expected to draw up a proper list of greatest records of the year at the same time as also having to think of interesting things to write in relative's Christmas cards, negotiate an office party, wrap gifts and still work through a normal month? It's just too much of a task. If new year, and its attendant list making, could be put back a while - perhaps to Chinese New Year - the workload could spread out a little more easily.

Luckily, not everyone is sitting about complaining that they're too busy for drawing up charts.

Edward at Enthusiastic But Mediocre is not only battling Christmas but also internet cafes to bring the top 125 singles of the year: he's still around the 70-point, but you can tell where the quality bar has been set because Ruslana only makes number 113.