Saturday, December 11, 2004

LIP SERVICE: Sometime - soon, once we've done with this festive season - there will be a new album featuring The Flaming Lips. And it's going to be covers, covers, nothing but covers. These, in fact:

* Bjork – ‘Unravel’
* Miles Davis – ‘My Ship’
* Chris Bell – ‘Speed Of Sound’
* Faust – ‘It’s a Bit Of A Pain’
* Roxy Music – ‘2HB’
* Alfie – ‘People’
* Aphex Twin – ‘Film’
* Mice Parade – ‘Galileo’
* The Chameleons – ‘Up The Down Escalator’
* The White Stripes – ‘Seven Nation Army’
* Chemical Brothers – ‘Playground For A Wedgeless Firm’
* Love & Rockets – ‘Saudade’
* Lush – ‘Monochrome’
* Psychedelic Furs – ‘Sleep Comes Down’
* Nick Drake – ‘River Man’
* Sebadoh – ‘One Fire’
* Radiohead – ‘Pyramid Song’
* 10CC – ‘I’m Not In Love’
* Brian Eno – ‘Another Green World’
* David Shirgley – ‘The Jist’

The album, Late Night Tales, will be preceeded by a 7" only version of the Seven Nation Army cover. It might be enough to pretend they didn't get involved with SpongeBob ShowsanyonecanbesurrealbutsurrealisntalwaysinterestingPants' movie.


Simon said...

Isn't Late Night Tales a series of mix albums rather than a covers project? It doesn't specify whether the Seven Nation Army recorded cover will be the one they do with Butthole Surfers lyrics.

Ric said...

It did look like Seven Nation Army is going to be the only cover on there, lazy bastards.

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