Wednesday, December 15, 2004

THE BELL TOLLS FOR NO-ONE: Interesting things, revelations (as we imagine laughing Dave Blunkett will be muttering to himself as he packs up his comedy outsize ID card and prepares to leave St Annes Gate). Andy Bell (the Erasure one, not the Oasis one) was diagnosed HIV+ six years ago, and yet chooses not to mention it until today. Of course, Freddie Mercury held back his HIV announcement until the very last moment, but we can perhaps seek other motives for Andy's sudden sharing of his medical condition - the man himself says that he's perfectly healthy and has a life expectancy no different to the next man's. And maybe that's why he's come forward now, to show that an HIV diagnosis is not a life sentence. On the other hand, he could be cashing in his condition to plug a forthcoming biography - for when were Erasure last front-page news? Still, a helpful message: you can be HIV+ and just as cynical as anyone else.