Wednesday, December 01, 2004

CROW "STALKER" CLARIFIES POSITION: Ambrose Kappos, the 38 year-old who has just been cleared of burglary and stalking charges after a spell of putting the spooks into Sheryl Crow, has issued a statement to make things seem a lot clearer, in case you were wondering:

Outside court, Kappos said he believes he was "delusional" when he thought he was communicating telepathically with Crow.

"Clearly there was no telepathy," Kappos said, adding two unhappy marriages, an infatuation with Crow and other emotional difficulties created the "perfect storm" psychologically, and caused his behavior.

He said he was "still looking for love, and if I can find a really good woman who can stir my emotions the way Ms. Crow did" a relationship would be possible.

That's great news, eh, girls? Especially now it's clear that he won't expect you to communicate directly into his head - you can just phone him up. Has anyone got Amy Winehouse's number?

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