Wednesday, December 01, 2004

WHAT DO YOU CALL A GUY WHO BUYS LOADS OF BEAUTY PRODUCTS BEFORE CLAMBERING ON BOARD A NAVY SHIP?: Eminem, it seems. He's been caught out buying sixty thousand pounds worth of make-up before his HMS Belfast date: it's alright, though, because " he thinks the brand's scientific spin [M:ACTIV] makes it a bit more macho."

Here's just a little of that blokey spin:

"Premature ageing is the scourge of all women’s lives. Pollution, sun exposure, smoking, drinking, poor nutrition and inadequate water intake all contribute to tell-tale signs of early ageing. Even those with a healthy lifestyle are not immune and eventually their collagen fibre structures will reduce. Now, with the UK launch of M ACTIV skincare, there is an active weapon.."

Yeah, that sounds like something they use after a cue-balling down the snooker hall, doesn't it?

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