Thursday, December 02, 2004

NICE TO KEEP A SENSE OF PROPORTION: Madonna has had a guy turn up delivering letters to her house a couple of times - so, rather than thinking "That'll be the postman, then", she's now convinced she will be shot, just like John Lennon. It really has become the standard response to seeing someone skulking around your wheelie-bin, hasn't it? "Ooh, clearly I'm going to be shot like John Lennon."

It's true there are uncanny parallels between the two - Madonna was born in New York and now lives in England; Lennon was born in England and moved to New York. Both married someone who quickly abandoned any pretence to being an independent person and adopted the role of 'spouse of...', sometimes knocking out a truly rubbish piece of art/film work that people pretended to like to avoid upsetting their more important partner. Both claimed to be spiritual and interested in a simple life while living in several elaborate houses. Both had an involvement in some classic pop moments but didn't really do anything worthwhile much more than five years into their careers.

Madonna is apparently "too scared" to leave her house right now (the odd trip out to do a five million advert shoot aside).


Anonymous said...

It's probably slightly pathetic that I either know or care, but wasn't Madonna born in Michigan, not New York?

simon h b said...

Yes... for a moment I started to believe the wisecrackin'newyorker hype.

the teenage me would have known that, too...

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