Thursday, December 09, 2004

PERSPECTIVES AND PROPORTIONS: No sooner had Dimebag hit the ground than the internet rumours and opinions were set flying: so far we've heard that it's all a Velvet Goldmine stunt, and the shooting wasn't genuine; that it serves rock fans right for not "caring" when Tupac was shot, and someone who claims to have been at the show:

he was yelling something about how "you broke up pantera.... you ruined my life.... what about phil??? he needs heroin money..." or something like that then i saw the gun and he shot DBD right in the head... when DBD went down he kept shooting... then he turned around for bobzilla then vinnie... teh hole time i thought it was part of the show... i had blood on me i was so close... i'm still freakin' out here...

... but then we suspect this is a show which nearly the whole world will claim to have been at.

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