Thursday, December 09, 2004

PRESUMABLY SHE'S THE ONLY PERSON WHO DIDN'T SEE HERSELF ON HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU: Since the chances of turning a pop career look increasingly slight, and panicing that she's heading for nothing more than "She was the voice of an angel, but what happened when Charlotte grew up" pieces for years to come, Charlotte Church is now trying to get a gig as a TV presenter. We notice this story suggests she's "presenting" the Christmas Top of the Pops - by which we're guessing they mean she'll get the chance to try and link one piece without fluffing too badly. Trevor McDonald reported himself to be "unconcerned", yesterday.

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Ric said...

I think some kind of charity needs to be set up to sustain desolate teenage pop stars. It's not to keep them alive, it's to keep them off daytime, and reality tv shows.

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