Thursday, December 16, 2004

RATHERLARGESHAMBLES: So, last week's NME featured Drugscope's Natasha Vromen insisting that "[Pete Doherty is] a successful musician... he disproves the myth that if you start using drugs you will always be taken over by them."

Last night, Doherty took the stage - barely - in Blackpool. According to reports, he was barely able to stay awake, couldn't remember the song words. The rest of Babyshambles got really pissed off really quickly, with the guitarist walking off in disgust. Others tried to persuade him to leave the stage as well, but he ploughed on. They tried to get him to leave the stage in a headlock (which we keep picturing like the giant cane that would sometimes try to hook the less successful Muppet acts off stage) and the whole thing ended in a chorus of booing. He then turned up for a second gig down at the Liverpool Zanzibar, which doesn't seem to have gone much better.

So, not taken over by the drugs at all, then.

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