Monday, December 13, 2004

TERRORISM, HUNTING AND COUNTRY MUSIC: It's not just the Prisoners of War being held down at Guantanamo in contravention of the Geneva Convention who've been trapped in the crazy aftermath of Bush's Pants On Fire War On Terror. Some deer have also been trapped since Sep'ven, down at Columbia Heights. They'd wandered into a reservior area to eat some of the good green grass when - panicing that anything could happen next - the gates to the reservoir were shut tight in case a terrorist did bad things to the water supply. Trapped inside, the deer didn't have much to do but eat and rut, and now there's lots of deer.

If it was you or I, you might think "well, let's open the gates and let the deer out." But instead, the Minnesota Water Work people decided it made more sense to let some hunters in to blast the crap out of the deer. (Yes, we know: they closed the gates because the water supply had to be protected, and couldn't open the gates to let the deer out, but were happy letting a bunch of guys with guns and knives in to roam about). Now, though, country star Troy Gentry is offering to pay for the deer to be rescued and taken to a nature reserve. Obviously, the only response to such a sensible suggestion will be to put Gentry onto some kind of no-fly list and arrest his grandkids.

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