Thursday, December 02, 2004

THAT EXPLAINS A LOT: In a bid to try and reposition himself as a bit of a bad boy, Brian McFadden has not just been growing a beard - expected to turn into something manly sometime round February on current growth rates - but he's also been talking up his drinking. He's now claiming to have gone to a rehab clinic "twice", apparently since Kerry McChipShop went back to Warrington. Since two stints of rehab seem unlikely in such a brief period, we can only presume he went to the clinic once to ask if they had a carjack he could borrow, and once to return it.

McFadden says that he was drunk all day, every day, while he was writing his album, which is astonishing. We used to write stuff when we were drunk and by the time we'd sobered up we couldn't make any sense of it at all, apart from (normally) the words "very important" and some exclamation marks - and although we do agree that McFadden's album sounds like the work of a man who might have had a sherry trifle inside him, we're a little surprised that someone who was drunk "all day, every day" to such an extent they needed two drying out periods was able to produce a coherent album during that period.

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