Saturday, January 08, 2005

35MM JOY: There have been mutterings about it for about a year or so, but it seems that goodsense hasn't actually prevailed and, yes, Anton Corbijn is going to direct an Ian Curtis biopic. Despite the presence of Deborah Curtis as an exec producer, and perhaps because of the presence of Tony Wilson as another, the whole thing smacks of little more than high-concept Hallmark Channel video.

"Whenever Hollywood gets involved in the music industry, the end product is invariably shit. Apart from a few films. ’24 Hour Party People’ was one of them. I think we’ve got the right team together to convey the spirit of Ian on film."

Hmm... presumably not something that would find agreement with the reviewer who wrote the following about 24 Hour Party People in their reviews box:

This movie, or whatever it entails itself to be, is nothing but a collection of small parts that make it totally unreliable. It is so boring, that one not only begins to hate British, because they are portrayed as chain smoking, cussing, prostitute visiting, sobs who do nothing but say the F word and sit on the cold sidewalk. The film was supposed to be about the Factory record label which signed up one of the best bands of all time, Joy Division but as the actors are so terrible, all we get is the Ian Curtis look alike who does nothing but prance around the stage all day pretending to look cool. This movie is not recommend to anyone at all because it isn't even a good tool for sleep.

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