Saturday, January 08, 2005

THE PAST IS ALWAYS WAITING ROUND THE CORNER TO CATCH YOU: Alex Kapranos might have thought that changing his name from the more workaday Alex Huntley might have thrown his past off the scent, but his previous, not-quite-as-cool band The Karelia are getting their album from 1997 re-released.

Divorce At High Noon didn't really do much on its first outing, but did get tyhe Dutch and Germans very excited, as this (poorly translated) Usenet review shows:

That is a strange plate. The bezetting is bas/drum/gitaar/trompet (with here and there a guest role for piano etc) music is not one stipulated style, but a mishmash of styles. It swings of jazzy hot-club riffs and thema's, by means of walsjes to almost avant-garde restraint, but the blues and r&b have been also represented. That trompettist removes sometimes complete strange things, it is sometimes net as if he in fact jet ear would have wanted game, such parties plays - ie. It is very strongly played the drums; the song is the weakest point. The texts become as a matter of fact almost stuck-up sung in Oxford-Engels. A beetje strangely, but nice. Will someone or The Karelia soon to the Netherlands come? And/or why have they chosen this name?

If someone who has a smattering or more of Dutch could help us with the bits babelfish couldn't, by the way, we'd be very thankingfilled.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a native Dutch, so take it with a pinch of salt:
"This is a weird record. The instrumenation is bass/drum/guitar/trumpet (with occasional roles for piano and other instruments). The music is not a fixed style but a mishmash of styles. It moves from jazzy hot-club riffs and motives, from little waltzes(?) to almost avantgardish motives, but blues and r&b are also represented. The trumpet player plays sometimes really strange things, as if he wanted to be the guitarist. The drumming is quite strong, and the signing is the weak point. The lyrics are sung in an exaggerated Oxford-English. A bit strange, but nice. Does anybody know if the Karelia will be coming soon to the Netherlands? And/or why they chose that name?"

Nice blog, keep up the good work, yadda yadda...


simon h b said...

It certainly makes more sense than the Babel-fish version... thanks for that, David

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