Friday, January 07, 2005

IT'S A GOOD CAUSE, AT LEAST: The millennium stadium in Cardiff had more or less got no choice but to pull together a Lite Aid gig for the 22nd now, as they'd been talking it up all week. And the first names have been announced - Eric Clapton, Feeder, Lemar, Katherine Jenkins and Aled Jones. Apparently more names are to be announced over the next two weeks, which is just as well because the gig is scheduled to last for seven hours and even the most charitable of us might find our goodwill stretched if those acts were being asked to fill all the time.

Meanwhile, it does occur to us that this event is likely to swell the coffers of certain businesses - for example, it's likely many more people will be heading to Cardiff by train on that day than you might expect on a winter day in January. We're sure First Great Western on the Paddington-Cardiff line wouldn't want to be seen to be boosting their profits off the back of such an event, so we've dropped them an email to find out what their plans are for dealing with this increase in business. We'll keep you posted.

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