Friday, January 07, 2005

MORE DOGS: Ignoring the old injunction that dogs aren't, you know, just for Christmas, Britney Spears has got another dog. And created a dog bedroom with, uh, a chandelier and a dresser in it. Meanwhile, she's also got Kevin Federline his own motorcycle which would make sense: a woman who spends her time choosing furniture for her puppy-wuppie's bedrooms clealry has a husband in need of a throbbing engine between his legs. Tragically, she's also building him a recording studio because he's - no, really - going to become a rapper. He clearly has all the skills to be a singer, what with having previously been a back-row dancer. We can only speculate as to why he's having to wait until his wife has built a studio for him - surely a talent such as Kevin's ought to have been snapped up and whisked to a real studio?