Wednesday, January 05, 2005

THE RIAA: BRAVE LITTLE SOLDIERS: The American record industry body has lost another legal battle: a second US appeal court has ruled they have no right to force ISPs to cough the names of music downloaders. The RIAA sniff they don't care anyway:

"Our enforcement efforts won't miss a beat," spokesman Jonathan Lamy said.

But if it's not a major setback for them, you might wonder why they've bothered to spend so much money trying to get the appeal courts to overturn lower court judgements that said much the same thing. The fact is, that being forced to file John Doe cases is much more time consuming and expensive, and it's such a protracted process it makes any attempts to pursue a serious legal attack on downloading impossible. Lamy may bluster that the enforcement efforts won't miss a beat, but they're moving to a beat slower than a handclapping at Port Vale.

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